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The Impact of COVID-19 in the Building Sector

The sudden global disruption caused by the novel Coronavirus has brought about a disturbance that few would have the capacity to imagine only three months ago.

Construction is one of the biggest industries in the world, and the unexpected pandemic has shifted the relationships of Americans with indoor and outdoor spaces. As a result, many professionals in the building industry expect design trends and buyer preferences to change. In today’s article, we highlight a few trends that are already in evidence in the real estate and construction sectors.

Shift in Design Trends

Recent data suggests that homebuyers are creating new priorities for their houses. In fact, commonly searched terms through Google include “home office,” “home gym,” and “healthy home”. All these key phrases remained high since the outbreak of COVID-19. Another recent survey found that a significant number of individuals are experiencing weariness with small spaces while growing a desire for ample outdoor space in their next homes.

With the pandemic still on the advance, it is difficult to say what will exactly set place for new new-home design trends once things get back to normal. Some predictions are based on the psychological implications of the virus and others on the practical realities of shelter in place. However, one thing remains true and that is construction continues to be a fundamental part of a community.

Surge in Suburban Housing

Thousands of city-dwellers are fleeing to suburbs for safety and more space. This is proven by the rising number of New Yorkers who are flooding suburban real estate brokers with inquiries in renting and buying. Although more data supporting the move have yet to be examined.

On the brighter note, multifamily property owners in the suburbs are looking to the future at how to integrate a fluctuating demand for design, particularly in a post-pandemic world that values space and the ability to work from home. Many property owners are planning to potentially integrate open concepts and dens in apartments.

Rise in Affordable Housing Projects

Although some challenges have emerged due to COVID-19, affordable housing developers remain eager to construct new buildings. While lockdowns have delayed quite a lot of construction activities, developers and investors have not slowed down work. They have relentlessly pursued federal, state and local officials to keep affordable housing projects moving forward.

In terms of health and safety, developers and investors are implementing strict measures to keep their construction workers safe against the threat of Coronavirus. Measures have included modified work schedules to have fewer workers on site at one time, more frequent cleaning and disinfecting, and other precautionary procedures to help prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19.

Sudden Transformation in Workspace

As employees were forced to work from home and families to stay at home, people would want to invest in their residences more than ever. The post-pandemic homeowner will be more attuned to the flaws in their homes after spending such a long time locked up in them. A home office space will likely be in high demand for the future, especially as some workers and companies shift to working from home full time.

Moreover, real offices will undoubtedly transform in the near and distant future. This means that much of the heads-down work will happen at home and the physical workplace becomes a place to connect with others, leading to increased social space, amenities, and conference rooms.


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered the U.S. and the world forever, yet at the same time, it provides an opportunity for the real estate and construction industries to rethink how they build cities, communities and houses to be even more resilient, safe, healthy, stunning and eco-friendly. Although surrounded by uncertainty, the Coronavirus season is the best time for people to collaborate and come up with solutions that can enhance the quality of life of the generations to come, as well as to advocate for a future where the world is in harmony with nature.

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