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Rua Manuel de Silva, No. 5, 2 B
1750-927 Lisboa
09:00 - 17:00
Kam Shams +1-214-676-4940

Oeiras Studios

Oeiras Studios
Location Lisbon, Portugal
Scope Of Work Project in Project Planning and City Hall Approval Phase
Schedule 2021-2022

Project Detail

Oeiras Condos will be a building with 14 apartments with modern amenities for a high-quality lifestyle and above ground public parking. The apartment types available will be 1 studio, 12 two-bedroom, and 1 three-bedroom.

It is located in a city called Oeiras about 17 KM from Lisbon and accessible by train & bus. The Condos are next to Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), one of the most advanced medical science centers in Portugal and Marques Pombal Palace, a beautiful palace with public access to its gardens. Oeiras Studios are right across the street from Oeiras Municipal Garden, a large and peaceful place for daily walks/exercise, for meeting people, and an amazing play area for children, and picnic area for friends and family. The ocean, NOVA University, NATO headquarters, and many other key landmarks are within walking distance.

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